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Karla & Jannira: Bethesda Terrace Wedding in Central Park

Central Park’s Bethesda Terrace is perhaps the most famous, and the most visited place in New York City. Since the fountain is centrally located in the park, it’s within walking distance of tons of great photo opportunities such as Cherry Hill and Bow Bridge.

Bethesda Terrace holds some of the park’s most iconic architecture: Milton tile ceiling from the 1860s, carved sandstone, and painted murals adorning the interior of the Arcade. Add to it a beautiful couple, and you have perfection.

Our final stop in their photo session was a pizza place 🍕 Fantastic idea! I always recommend my clients to also choose a place that they frequently visit. Those are the trending photo shoots right now. More relaxed, more fun, more you!

Thank you Karla and Jannira for letting me be part of it!

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Officiant: ARC Weddings

Couple: Karla & Jannira

Location: Bethesda, Central Park

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